about us

A Fresh Approach To The Industry

Owned and operated by design lead Angie Aspeck, we aim to bring functionality back into our client's lives by addressing issues within the home that could be further deteriorating their physical and mental health. A fresh personal approach to the industry is just what our client’s need to brighten their day to day lives. We are here to help.

We are an Ottawa based company that creates accessible designs with our clients mental and physical health in mind. Many people suffer from injuries and conditions that cause limitations to their daily life. These may make it difficult to move through their home safely, cause anxiety, and trigger condition related symptoms.

Struggling to leave the home can also take a toll on ones mental well being, especially if their living space is no longer functional. These limitations can cause feelings of isolation, higher risk of further injury, as well as a main focus to be on their pain/condition, rather than improvement.

A home should be somewhere you want to be. The use of barrier free spacious layouts, softer finishes, and updated ergonomic furniture can create a more calming environment to promote healing.